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The U1127 is a compact high quality microphone preamplifier designed for professional use. It contains two channels optimized to process signals from low impedance dynamic or electrostatic microphones.
When required, a 12 V or 48 V phantom power supply can be applied to the inputs.

Thanks to a single rotary switch, gain can be set from 10 dB to 60 dB for both channels by 5 dB steps. A low cut filter can be inserted on the signal path and adjusted to three different frequencies, from 20 Hz to 140 Hz.

The internal reference oscillator allows accurate setting of the nominal reccording level.

The low impedance of the transformerless balanced outputs allows the use of long cables with no signal degradation, and thus to locate this small sized unit close to the microphones.
The U1127 is the ideal complement of DAT recorders or Betacam cameras, for which it constitutes an alternative to state of the art input stages. The exceptional bandwidth, the absence of phase alteration, the high signal to noise ratio as well as the precision of the gain settings make the U1127 a unique candidate for digital recording and acoustic measurements.

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 A&B Preamplifiers Section

Balanced Transformerless.
Impedance 4 kOhms +/- 1%.
RF filter Included.
Gain +10 to +60 dB, 5 dB steps.
Filter 20 Hz / 80 Hz / 140 Hz first order low cut.
Maximum Level +20.8 dBm, 12 Volts peak.
Phantom power supply 48 V, 12 V switchable internally.
Connector  XLR female.

Balanced Transformerless.
Impedance 600 Ohms.
Protection Against phantom power supply.
Against short circuit to ground.
Nominal level +4 dBm.
Maximum level +20 dBm on 600 Ohms.
Connector XLR male.

Crosstalk L/R >85 dB from 10 Hz to 20 kHz.
Gain missmatch L/R  < 0.2 dB from 20 Hz to 20 kHz.
Bandwidth 20 Hz to 20 kHz @ +/- 0.1 dB when no filter is activated.
10 Hz to 30 kHz @ +/- 0.2 dB when no filter is activated.
0.7 Hz to 70 kHz @ +/- 3 dB when no filter is activated.
Phase shift < 1ř from 20 Hz to 20 kHz,
when no filter is activated.
Common mode rejection > 60 dB @ 20 kHz / gain 0 dB.
> 88 dB @ 20 kHz / gain 30 dB.
Equivalent input noise - 102 dB / gain 0 dB / source 150 Ohms.
- 130 dB / gain 30 dB / source 150 Ohms.
Distorsion < 0.0007% @ nominal level.
Common Section

Frequency Standard: 1000 Hz +/- 3 Hz.
Option 01: 800 Hz +/- 3 Hz.
Level Standard: - 12 dBm.
Option 02: 0 dBm.
Distorsion < 0.5 %.

Battery powered 8 alcaline batteries 1.5V AA/LR6.
External 12 V / 500 mA on rear LEMO connector.
Autonomy 8 hours minimum.
(with two 4 mA microphones connected and for permanent use)
Indicators A: -6 dB before clipping of channel A.
B: -6 dB before clipping of channel B.
ON: power is applied.
BATTERY LOW: when ON led flashing.
EXT: externally powered.
Temperature of Operation -20řC / +60řC.
Size 105 x 45 x 170 mm.
Weight 1200 g, with 8 alcalines batteries.
Download U1127 User's Manual - English version
Download U1127 User's Manual - French version

Due to permanent technical improvements, specifications listed here can change without prior notification.